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The key to a successful claim or defence, and to a proper understanding of appropriate settlement parameters, is rooted in a full understanding of the story – for good or ill – and the ability to adduce as much documentary or witness evidence as possible to support your client’s contentions.

I understand the difficulties that this can create, not least for the legal team. Whilst it is of course open to you to send in a junior member of staff, to trawl the relevant files and interrogate the client’s team, this is often not the most cost-effective solution. Not only is the individual unlikely to be a construction professional (inevitably extending the investigation process) but the cost – of what can be a time consuming exercise – can quickly become prohibitive.
I can introduce you to a further alternative: an investigation, interrogation and claim preparation service undertaken by skilled professionals in the construction industry – people with:
[] technical understanding of construction processes and the types of issues that go into dispute;
[] lengthy experience in industry, and thus a familiarity with how clients operate, what makes them tick and the political sensitivities that might exist in any investigation;
[] extensive experience of dispute management in adjudication, arbitration, litigation and mediation;
[] detailed knowledge of what you, as the legal team, need.

The service can be tailored to fit your precise requirements and can be as extensive or as cursory as you may need. My rates are competitive and my experience shortens the process.

Twenty 3 Consulting Claims Consultancy Service Sheffield

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