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Claims for Time & Money

Bespoke, Expert Services

Working with you to protect your position and pursue your contractual entitlements.

There are times when no amount of discussion will bring about settlement of a final account on the terms that you require. Time periods are extended, working sequences disrupted and cost will be incurred that you are almost always entitled to be reimbursed.

Whilst many contractors will shy away from submission of “claims”, I can support you in the submission of documentation underpinning your entitlement whilst recognising the delicate balance of relationship against commercial opportunity.

Quite often its just a matter of showing your customer that you are resolute in pursuing your entitlement and doing just enough to gain their respect and with a little negotiation, your rightful reimbursement.

I can assist you in the preparation and submission of your claim for time and/or money, I can analyse your costs and establish the best route for recovery. Protecting your position and pursuing your contractual entitlements.

What's included in Claims for Time & Money?

[] Preparation and support in the submission of documentation
[] Negotiation
[] Analyse costs
[] Establish best route for recovery
[] Protect your position

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I've worked with a range of clients

Explore some of the solutions I've provided to clients

GAP Technology Ltd

Services provided:

[] Claim Preparation
[] Dispute Resolution

LX Engineering North Ltd

Services Provided:

[] Adjudication
[] Dispute Resolution
[] Contract Review
[] Claim Preparation
[] Contracts Training

McGee Networks Ltd

Services Provided:

[] Claim Preparation

How it works

My Process

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Let's arrange a free consultation

Once I've sorted out a date and time, I'll take the time to meet you, sit down with you and find out your requirements.

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I'll send you over a proposal

After understanding you, your business and requirements. I will submit a proposal, detailing out the service and how it will help you and your business.

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I deliver services tailored to you

I'll then carry out the service, having regular contact with you and keeping you informed on the progress. My service is 100% tailored to you and will meet your individual needs.

Book a consultation with me today

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