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Litigation Support

Bespoke, Expert Services

Simplify the process with expert support..

Over 20 years of experience in dealing with all forms of tribunal

Outsource the management of the process and the interface with the legal advisors to allow the project delivery teams to carry on with the running of the business.

Why choose twenty3consulting for your service?
– Board level experience enabling communication to the right level with appropriate detail
– First-hand experience of dealing with top tier law firms
– Direct experience of the impact of litigation on the day to day business
– Ability to understand the legal processes and translate into practical language for clients
– Ability to explain complex Mechanical and Electrical systems and processes in a language easily understood by solicitors and barristers

What's included in Litigation Support?

[] A natural progressing from setting out the options with respect to dispute resolution; or
[] In response to an actual or perceived threat of litigation, arbitration or adjudication
[] Setting out the client’s options in clear terms
[] Assisting the client to secure the most appropriate legal support
[] Ensuring the client’s advisors are engaged in the most cost effective way
[] Providing a vital interface between the legal team and the client, ensuring;
– the client fully understands the process, the timescales and the requirements of the legal team in language that the client id familiar with; and
– the Legal team understand the constraints of the clients business in terms that correspond with the requirements of the legal process
[] Assisting the client in the management and timely production of information
[] Providing quantum expertise to support the process
[] Attending meetings with the client or providing advocacy on behalf of the client in meetings or in mediation
[] Assisting clients with an understanding of the cost/benefit of settlement proposals

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I've worked with a range of clients

Explore some of the solutions I've provided to clients

M&E Contractor

Engagement of Barrister, Adjudication, litigation and subsequent mediation to settlement of dispute over variations on an Energy from Waste Plant.

Specialist Steelwork Manufacturer

Introduction and engagement of Solicitors, Adjudication, production of reports on Quantum and providing guidance through the processes of concurrent adjudications.

How it works

My Process

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Let's arrange a free consultation

Once I've sorted out a date and time, I'll take the time to meet you, sit down with you and find out your requirements.

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I'll send you over a proposal

After understanding you, your business and requirements. I will submit a proposal, detailing out the service and how it will help you and your business.

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I deliver services tailored to you

I'll then carry out the service, having regular contact with you and keeping you informed on the progress. My service is 100% tailored to you and will meet your individual needs.

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