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Get the help your business needs with my Insolvency Service.

At twenty3consulting, I have direct experience of Customer and Sub Contractor Insolvency, with expertise in high value claims against Credit Insurers and Parent Companies.

I have experience of the implications of insolvency and ring-fencing the risk issues to not contaminate the remainder of the business. With over 30+ years of experience of dealing with the stringent requirements of Credit Insurers, I can provide your business with insolvency advice, support, preparation and assistance in insolvency.

What's included in Insolvency?

[] Advice & support for main contractors, employers and subcontractors.
[] Review of project risks due to client insolvency
[] Preparation of claims to Administrator, Liquidator or Credit Insurer
[] Assistance with negotiation based upon the experience of previous dealings
[] Review of options when Sub Contractors become insolvent, including rights to payment, ability to offset costs, valuation of works left to complete, costs of completing works.

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I've worked with a range of clients

Explore some of the solutions I've provided to clients

Main Contractor Insolvency

Several projects involved. Successful claim against credit insurer

Main Contractor Insolvency

Over £1.0m outstanding that was recovered through a combination of credit insurance and parent company guarantees.

Main Contractor Insolvency

Several projects in various states of completion with amounts owing to M&E Contractor over £3.0m. Assembly of claims and attendance at meetings on behalf of M&E Contractor.

Specialist Sub Contractor Insolvency

Works incomplete. Assisted M&E Contractor in securing replacement Sub Contractor and finalising account with insolvent Sub Contractor including responding to demands from Administrator.

How it works

My Process

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Let's arrange a free consultation

Once I've sorted out a date and time, I'll take the time to meet you, sit down with you and find out your requirements.

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I'll send you over a proposal

After understanding you, your business and requirements. I will submit a proposal, detailing out the service and how it will help you and your business.

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I deliver services tailored to you

I'll then carry out the service, having regular contact with you and keeping you informed on the progress. My service is 100% tailored to you and will meet your individual needs.

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